The Martian Marrakech desert, at your service.

Throughout our whole time as a Marrakech desert tour company; we have come across, and operated, many rovers. They’re reliable, durable vehicles that we rely on. This time, however, a different kind of rovers took over the Sahara Desert. Unlike the rovers that we’re familiar with, these ones operate by themselves.

A group of more than 40 engineers tested automated navigation systems in the Marrakech Desert. Scientists chose Erfoud as the venue for this field test. The Ibn Battuta Centre in Marrakech operates the site. The engineers put the rovers’ automated navigation systems to test. This took a period of two weeks; in a project coordinated by PERASPERA (A space agency partnership from Europe, that includes Italy, Spain, the U.K, and Germany).

Christos Ampatzis says in a video, about this project, “We are here in the Marrakech desert, with a cluster of research projects funded by the European Union, to test robotics technologies that are needed for future planetary exploration, because the soil, the rocks, the dunes, the environment here, is very similar to the surface of Mars.” Christos is a computer scientist from the European Commission Research Executive Agency.

Marrakech desert – martian style.

We ran a poll titled “ What do you think about the tests?” at our Signature Morocco office;  83% of the answers were “ let’s organize Martian adventures in the desert.” And the remaining 17%, who are not marketing professionals, said: “ this definitely is one step closer to investigating the universe.”

Morocco has 600-million-year-old stromatolite fossils, interestingly, they remain remarkably well-preserved. Morocco has played a huge role in testing the ExoMards drill. This will help identify signs of life on Mars.

According to Gianfranco Visentin, head of ESA’s Automation and Robotics Section, this kind of field test gives the proof of the pudding that the design is working well, and there have been some challenging environments. Nevertheless, going through challenging environments only made them strive for more.

The 83% made us realize that we have to make this happen. We’re working on our Martian desert tour, and we can’t wait. At the very least, Signature Morocco will take you to visit the site. And with enough imagination, you’ll feel like you’re on Mars.