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Discover one of Morocco’s most beautiful beach resorts. Essaouira is enclosed by medieval-looking battlements, and the Atlantic Coast frames this gorgeous seaside city. Essaouira dates back to the 18th century where its mesmerizing architecture was still merely a plan. With us, you will explore Essaouira on foot and see its attractive whitewashed houses as if you’re one of us. Its people are kind enough to assist you, and it is unlikely to get lost in this seaside gem.

Discover Essaouira’s shops that sell all sorts of Moroccan flavored miscellaneous. Tea, tagine pots, leather shoes, and spices. Browse at your leisure and admire the narrow alleyways that form an intriguing maze.

Visitors are attracted to Essaouira mainly due to the fact that the sea breeze is soul cleansing. You can also indulge in a windsurfing activity and experience Essaouira how it should be experienced. Delight in its seafood restaurants and sample Essaouira’s bread and butter. However, you can choose to have a different type of meal. Although, we can not see any reason why should you. Well… unless you’re on a diet.

The tourist industry has been increasing each year. Yet, Essaouira has remained as charming as ever. Also, it gets more interesting over time. You will also be taken to visit the harbor and its busy local fishermen. There, you can watch the skilled craftsmen work on their wares and capture authentic moments of art while you’re at it.

Sculptors, painters and skilled artists that will make you fall in love with Essaouira.

Essaouira Tours, travels, and seaside fun

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