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Agafay Desert Day Trip

Morocco would have been so different if it weren’t for its gorgeous desert. You will visit a magical place on this Agafay Desert Day Trip. It is merely an hour away from Marrakech, so how much time it takes to get there won’t be an issue.

You will explore its rocky terrain in the foothills of the Atlas mountains, and discover how the first residents of this place go on with their day to day lives. You will also have the opportunity to discover Berber villages; interestingly, you will find that they are spread across this gorgeous desert.



Your departure to Agafay Desert Day Trip begins after your Signature Morocco driver picks you up from your hotel in Marrakech.

You will be heading to the Marrakech Desert. Its location is 30 kilometers away from Marrakech. When you reach “La Pause” you will instantly fall in love with the oasis that’s boasting along, it also runs the Oued riverbeds and offers a sensational view across the vast Moroccan wilderness.

You may have a golf match, (you can be taught in the process) or have a calming ride on a horse. Alternatively, you can have an adrenaline-filled activity like mountain bike rides and other various activities. Moreover, all can be arranged at “La Pause” and you’ll surely love your time spent here. However, the activity that you end up choosing does not matter, what matters is the tremendous amount of fun you'll be having.




Here’s where it gets really fun! You will have a delightful lunch at La Pause. Freshly picked greens and virgin olive oil. An authentic Moroccan meal for an authentic Moroccan feel.

Delight in your lunch and have a memorable time at this place. You will also get to enjoy the Gnawa musicians. This is the ultimate Agafay Desert Day Trip. Appreciate the starlit skies right after you enjoy the Agafay desert.



Finally, your visit ends after you've admired everything. Your driver will drop you off at your accommodation - in Marrakech.

Agafay Desert day trip
Agafay Desert day trip
Agafay Desert day trip
Agafay Desert day trip