Morocco and its gorgeous landscapes will definitely leave you in beautiful awe. A new exciting activity, tale, and monument will be discovered each day. We’ll help you plan the trip of a lifetime. Signature Morocco will take you on magical Morocco tours. Golden sands and imperial cities, our trusted Signature Morocco tour guides will unfold every mystery and make your experience what Morocco feels like. Join us and delight in Moroccan cuisine, and feast your eyes on stunning landscapes.

We urge you to visit Morocco You’ll find everything covered. Accordingly, you can see the best times to visit Morocco and its changing climate. You can also see events and festivals that are taking place in Morocco.

Signature Morocco’s recommended places to visit

Morocco holidays, tailormade and efficiently planned

This gem of a country will take your breath away. Whether it’s culture you’re interested in, mesmerizing landscapes, or mysterious tales, you’ll find everything that will suit your taste in Morocco. An enchanting journey that will take you through Morocco’s ancient culture, with its golden desert and breezy seaside cities.

Casablanca to Marrakech Shore Excursion


Street magicians and talented acrobats are all over Djemaa El Fna. Discover this gorgeous place and enjoy your stay. Marrakech will unveil Morocco’s true colors. Enjoy Morocco’s soul and indulge in different activities.

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High Atlas

Explore the highest mountain range in North Africa. 2,400 kilometers of pure mountain joy. Visit ancient Berber villages and hike the highest peak in North Africa. Truly, every hiker’s dream.

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Fez day tour from Rabat


Experience the largest and oldest medieval city on the planet. Morocco’s pride and joy, Fes. Browse its colorful shops and indulge in different activities. An authentic Moroccan tour that will make you fall in love with Fes.

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Day Trip to Essaouira from Marrakech


Cleanse your soul by the sea and join us as we discover Essaouira, Morocco’s coastal gem. Essaouira and its whitewashed houses will bring joy into your heart. Taste delicious seafood and discover how local fisherman spend their day.

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If happiness was a color, it’ll be blue. And if it was a city, definitely Chefchaouen. Discover this blue gem and its amazing architecture. A balanced city that remains a secret to most, but not to you.

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Ait Benhaddou

Visit the home of various Hollywood blockbusters. Discover why directors from all over the world prefer this place as a setting for their film. A UNESCO-listed site that will grant you a different perspective to films.

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Erg Chebbi

Roam the desert on your trusted camel and witness gorgeous sunsets that will be forever embedded in your mind. Erg Chebbi is every desert lover’s haven. Taste delicious food and camp in the desert on this journey of a lifetime.

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Todra Gorge

Gaze into the rosy red light that shifts colors and experience Morocco’s Grand Canyon. Todra Gorge will show you what a raging river can do to mountains. 160 meters worth of wonders is waiting to be discovered.

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Morocco holidays, inspired!

Take our word for it and consider what we have to say

Signature Morocco will create a holiday in Morocco from scratch. Let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll set it up, adding of course, our Signature Morocco flavor.

Discover the film capital

« Take one, Morocco’s historic film capital, action! »

Gladiator director Ridley Scott once said “Do what you haven’t done is the key, I think.” And Mr. Scott thought right. If you haven’t seen Ouarzazate, doing so is the key! Discover where classic Hollywood blockbusters were filmed. This twenty hectares of pure film joy will definitely relax the cinephile in you.

Discover where, Prince of Persia, Gladiator, and Game of Thrones were shot and enjoy your new perspective.

Learn to surf

« If you’re having a bad day, catch a wave. »

You will soon be a proud “surfing to relax” type of person. Catch waves in Taghazoute and gaze into Morocco’s stunning Atlantic Coast. Learn from professional surfers and enjoy the sun and sand of Taghazoute. You’ll be spending your mornings learning how to surf it up and the evenings admiring Taghazoute’s gorgeous landscapes while relaxing in a hammock.

Fez Cooking School Experience

Learn to cook

« Once in Fes, you’re Moroccan. Cook Moroccan. »

Put on an apron and become a gourmand chef while in Fes. You’ll pick up a new skill, a delicious skill. You will be taken to discover the various spices and aromas and learn about Morocco’s ancient cuisine. You will also learn about where ingredients are harvested from and prepare your own dinner. An expert chef will be lending you a hand, and you be the judge.

Traditional Hammam

« A Hammam, your highness. »

Nothing screams “I’m authentic” other than Morocco’s traditional Hammam. Most Moroccans are frequent Hammam goers. Whether you prefer a public or private Hammam, you’ll be pampered and discover a new way to unwind. Have an argan oil massage and get scrubbed down with olive soap. A royal activity, for a royal guest.

Mount Toubkal’s bundle of fun

« Is it a challenge? »

Trek to the summit of Mount Toubkal. Cross rugged terrain and feast your eyes on earthen Berber villages. Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa, and if that’s not impressive enough, we’re sure that you’ll be singing a different tune once you get to gaze into God’s gorgeous creation from Mount Toubkal’s peak. An unforgettable experience that will forever be embedded in your mind.

Hotel Saharan Sky

« Gazing into the grand scheme of things. »

Use Hotel Saharan Sky’s astronomical equipment and swim in our solar system. A professional solar system swimmer will lend you a helping hand. An experience that’s literally out of this world. Spend the evening discovering the vast universe and head out into the Sahara for a night and lay beneath the starlit skies of the desert.