The Moroccan desert, fused with women power.

In 1990, Dominique Serra created a competitive car rally in the Moroccan desert. What’s special about this particular rally, is that it’s for women. In 2018, it took place from 21 to 30 March. This year, however, it will start on the 15’th of March. Doctors, lawyers, university students, mothers, chefs, and more; all participate in the Rallye Aicha Gazelles du Maroc.

These fierce women compete for the first place. During this rally, they race across the Moroccan desert, using all different sorts of vehicles, such as 4x4s, quads, crossovers, buggies, and sometimes electric vehicles.

Women of the world unite, in the Moroccan desert.

The team has to assemble about $50,000 in order to compete. Most women have sponsors, though some of them have been saving to participate in this empowering race across the desert. While the majority of participants hail from France, other teams from different countries have joined. Women from the United States, Canada, Germany, Morocco, Australia, Japan, and more; decided to undertake this race.

Strategy plays a vital role in this race, rather than speed. The goal is to drive the minimum possible distance between a series of points. The participants receive coordinates each morning; they must act upon them. What’s also unique about this rally is that participants have to use black and white paper maps; that means no GPS and modern technology.

Women participating have to learn about all sorts of things. Sommerfeld said “ We trained physically, I worked with my mechanic, and we did all the preparation there was to do. This has definitely pushed me to every limit.”

And this shows that women share a sentiment. It’s more than racing. To them, it’s an implication of their tremendous abilities. Unlike our Marrakech desert tours, this rally isn’t for leisure purposes. Women rise to incredible heights, and they do their best to overcome what seemed to be a series of impassable obstacles.

Signature Morocco will take you to the very same desert. Where these women had fiercely competed. You’ll marvel at the desert and gaze your eyes on golden desert sand.