Moroccan artists, and their booming “boom boom”.

If you were born on the 26th of October, 2017, then you must have already fallen in love with Morocco, because a day after, RedOne and a team of Moroccan artists released his hit song (Boom Boom). And in its music video, you can see RedOne’s marvelous depiction of Morocco.

A team of Moroccan artists, and other famous musicians; French Montana, Daddy Yankee, Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane, and RedOne, teamed up and went on a journey to Morocco. Passing through its main cities, such as Chefchaouen, Marrakesh, Tetouan, Tangier, and Merzouga. Signature Morocco noticed their beautiful choice of city combinations and is now providing an opportunity to visit all of these places. You will be in the same place as those Moroccan artists. As well as discover what wondrous landscapes Morocco has in stock for you.

Aside from Morocco’s human pride, Grammy-winning producer – RedOne, it has various structural points of pride. With Signature Morocco, you will be visiting the blue Chefchaouen and admiring its soothing breeze. And taken to the lively Marrakesh, where you can stay in the same riad where the television personality, Amanda Cerny, had stayed during her filming of ( Boom Boom) music video. With our expertise, wise choice of providers, and know-how attitude, you can expect that you’ll be treated the same.

Moroccan artists, and a desert attitude.

Signature Morocco is fortunate enough to have built its foundations in the earlier stages of desert touring. We’re all grown up and professional now, and that means that you’ll have the most relaxing camel trek around the desert. As featured on RedOne’s hit music video, the desert will be charming. Endless authentic Berber tents, and cozy bonfires that will take your breath away. You may expect fewer models and TV stars, but the charm is in the location – and our flawless service.

Best rap song and best rap performance awards winner, French Montana, is proud of his Moroccan background. He said, “I’m really proud of my heritage” when asked about Morocco. We think that the delightful tagines got to him, and some of the golden sand of the desert. And we’ve got a feeling that you’ll fall in love in Morocco – if you haven’t already – when you’re with us.

Join Signature Morocco on its journey to discover why Morocco is this appealing to TV stars, directors, and movie stars from all around the world.

Below, you can watch the video, and see with your eyes, what Morocco has in stock for you.