If you were born on the 26th of October, 2017, then you must have already fallen in love with Morocco, because a day after, RedOne and a team of Moroccan artists released his hit song (Boom Boom). And in its music video, you can see RedOne’s marvelous depiction of Morocco.

A team of Moroccan artists, and other famous musicians; French Montana, Daddy Yankee, Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane, and RedOne, teamed up and went on a journey to Morocco. Passing through its main cities, such as Chefchaouen, Marrakesh, Tetouan, Tangier, and Merzouga. Signature Morocco noticed their beautiful choice of city combinations and is now providing an opportunity to visit all of these places. You will be in the same place as those Moroccan artists. As well as discover what wondrous landscapes Morocco has in stock for you.

Aside from Morocco’s human pride, Grammy-winning producer – RedOne, it has various structural points of pride. With Signature Morocco, you will be visiting the blue Chefchaouen and admiring its soothing breeze. And taken to the lively Marrakesh, where you can stay in the same riad where the television personality, Amanda Cerny, had stayed during her filming of ( Boom Boom) music video. With our expertise, wise choice of providers, and know-how attitude, you can expect that you’ll be treated the same.

Moroccan artists, and a desert attitude.

Signature Morocco is fortunate enough to have built its foundations in the earlier stages of desert touring. We’re all grown up and professional now, and that means that you’ll have the most relaxing camel trek around the desert. As featured on RedOne’s hit music video, the desert will be charming. Endless authentic Berber tents, and cozy bonfires that will take your breath away. You may expect fewer models and TV stars, but the charm is in the location – and our flawless service.

Best rap song and best rap performance awards winner, French Montana, is proud of his Moroccan background. He said, “I’m really proud of my heritage” when asked about Morocco. We think that the delightful tagines got to him, and some of the golden sand of the desert. And we’ve got a feeling that you’ll fall in love in Morocco – if you haven’t already – when you’re with us.

Join Signature Morocco on its journey to discover why Morocco is this appealing to TV stars, directors, and movie stars from all around the world.

Below, you can watch the video, and see with your eyes, what Morocco has in stock for you.


In 1990, Dominique Serra created a competitive car rally in the Moroccan desert. What’s special about this particular rally, is that it’s for women. In 2018, it took place from 21 to 30 March. This year, however, it will start on the 15’th of March. Doctors, lawyers, university students, mothers, chefs, and more; all participate in the Rallye Aicha Gazelles du Maroc.

These fierce women compete for the first place. During this rally, they race across the Moroccan desert, using all different sorts of vehicles, such as 4x4s, quads, crossovers, buggies, and sometimes electric vehicles.

Women of the world unite, in the Moroccan desert.

The team has to assemble about $50,000 in order to compete. Most women have sponsors, though some of them have been saving to participate in this empowering race across the desert. While the majority of participants hail from France, other teams from different countries have joined. Women from the United States, Canada, Germany, Morocco, Australia, Japan, and more; decided to undertake this race.

Strategy plays a vital role in this race, rather than speed. The goal is to drive the minimum possible distance between a series of points. The participants receive coordinates each morning; they must act upon them. What’s also unique about this rally is that participants have to use black and white paper maps; that means no GPS and modern technology.

Women participating have to learn about all sorts of things. Sommerfeld said “ We trained physically, I worked with my mechanic, and we did all the preparation there was to do. This has definitely pushed me to every limit.”

And this shows that women share a sentiment. It’s more than racing. To them, it’s an implication of their tremendous abilities. Unlike our Marrakech desert tours, this rally isn’t for leisure purposes. Women rise to incredible heights, and they do their best to overcome what seemed to be a series of impassable obstacles.

Signature Morocco will take you to the very same desert. Where these women had fiercely competed. You’ll marvel at the desert and gaze your eyes on golden desert sand.

Morocco has many wondrous landscapes to offer, and Signature Morocco is ready to show you everything on its desert tours.

From shore excursions that show off the kingdom’s oceans to a golden, vast space that has fluffy vehicles. Signature Morocco will take you on the tour of a lifetime. Book our Desert tours and go back home a changed man.

The mesmerizing scenery that you’ll get to see in Morocco is breathtaking. Even us gaze into the gorgeous landscapes as if we’re seeing them for the first time. That’s just Morocco’s enchanting effect on people. And as Moroccans; we’re definitely not excluded from Morocco’s magical ability.

Enchanting Desert tours

Signature Morocco will assign a knowledgeable tour guide for every tour. They’re friendly, they speak perfect English, and they’re just the funniest bunch. We appreciate them as much as we appreciate Morocco and its amazing landscapes. In addition, Signature Morocco ensures flexible pricing and a hasty service. When booking your Desert tours, our Signature Morocco representative will get back to you in matters in minutes and let you know of the confirmation.

Our quality service and appreciation for this heavenly land are what separates us from every other so-called “Moroccan tour company”. We tour with passion and love, and we’re sure that you’ll love the way we do our job. We will take you to Morocco’s depths; tasting Morocco’s finest dishes, and gazing into the wild yellow yonder as the sun sets.

Visit Morocco’s largest town in the desert, Ourzazate, and delight in this desert gateway. The rugged local landscape will give you a feeling that only Signature Morocco travelers get to feel. A special feeling of belonging. You won’t be a tourist with us. You’re simply a lost fellow human being who happened to be born on the other side of the globe, we’re merely here to make you experience Desert tours as we do.

Indulge in various activities and ride high up to the Sahara sand dunes, a feeling of rush, appreciation, and pure Moroccan bliss will take over, and believe a Moroccan when they say, you’ll love every moment of it.

If there’s one thing we’re fond of; it’s Morocco desert. This magical place makes us appreciate our country more. And as it seems, other countries definitely agree with us. Apart from the Rallye des Gazelles – which has been a complete success since it first took place – cyclists have tackled the Moroccan desert.

This year, the race is starting on the 28’th of April and ends on the 3’rd of May. That’s six days of cycling up and down the ravines of the Atlas Mountain range in Northern Morocco.

Riding a bike through a patch of sand is tough enough. So, how do you think racing in elevation, and for hundreds of miles, amidst the desert feels like?

For those who do not do cycling, this sounds like a nightmare. But for Gae Titan Desert champions, that’s an opportunity to take over the desert. The Moroccan desert, obviously, provides a spectacular backdrop to an astonishing off-road adventure.

A race through natural wonders in Morocco desert.

First, the riders will be taken up along high-mountain peaks, then will cross spectacular gorges. Also, explore one of Morocco desert’s most astonishing sites. A total of 640-km; making up the route with 3 big passes over the dunes, over the first few days. And of course, a fit stage for a mountain pass.

Josep Betalú came in first place; in the 2018 event. Josep earned his third straight title. His finish time was 24 hours, two minutes and 21 seconds. Spain seems to love bringing back trophies back home. His fellow Spaniard, Ramona Gabriel, finished the race in 28 hours, 33 minutes, and two seconds.

What’s amazing about this race; apart from the series of tremendously heavy challenges these riders have to go through, is the location. Not only does it provide them with a rugged land for them to compete on, but it also offers spectacular scenery that boosts everyone’s dedication.

Signature Morocco gathers its staff each year, for a get-together. We sit around and watch the Tour de France meet the Dakar Rally. Much like the riders, with us, you’ll also have a memorable time in the desert; minus the fact of having to cycle for 16 hours a day.

Throughout our whole time as a Marrakech desert tour company; we have come across, and operated, many rovers. They’re reliable, durable vehicles that we rely on. This time, however, a different kind of rovers took over the Sahara Desert. Unlike the rovers that we’re familiar with, these ones operate by themselves.

A group of more than 40 engineers tested automated navigation systems in the Marrakech Desert. Scientists chose Erfoud as the venue for this field test. The Ibn Battuta Centre in Marrakech operates the site. The engineers put the rovers’ automated navigation systems to test. This took a period of two weeks; in a project coordinated by PERASPERA (A space agency partnership from Europe, that includes Italy, Spain, the U.K and Germany).

Christos Ampatzis says in a video, about this project, “We are here in the Marrakech desert, with a cluster of research projects funded by the European Union, to test robotics technologies that are needed for future planetary exploration, because the soil, the rocks, the dunes, the environment here, is very similar to the surface of Mars.” Christos is a computer scientist from the European Commission Research Executive Agency.

Marrakech desert – martian style.

We ran a poll titled “ What do you think about the tests?” at our Signature Morocco office;  83% of the answers were “ let’s organize Martian adventures in the desert.” And the remaining 17%, who are not marketing professionals, said: “ this definitely is one step closer to investigating the universe.”

Morocco has 600-million-year-old stromatolite fossils, interestingly, they remain remarkably well-preserved. Morocco has played a huge role in testing the ExoMards drill. This will help identify signs of life on Mars.

According to Gianfranco Visentin, head of ESA’s Automation and Robotics Section, this kind of field test gives the proof of the pudding that the design is working well, and there have been some challenging environments. Nevertheless, going through challenging environments only made them strive for more.

The 83% made us realize that we have to make this happen. We’re working on our Martian desert tour, and we can’t wait. At the very least, Signature Morocco will take you to visit the site. And with enough imagination, you’ll feel like you’re on Mars.

Want to know what Morocco really feels like? Book our tours and see captivating Moroccan landscapes with your own precious eyes.

Signature Morocco has been in the desert business for far too long to accept inconveniences and mishaps. Be sure that our staff will treat you like royalty when you’re with us. Also, you will engage with us as we take over Moroccan landscapes. As well as ancient monuments.

Your time spent here will be full of adventures and soul cleansing moments. While in Morocco, you will have the opportunity to discover ancient monuments, left to us by those before us as a reminder of their existence and hardship they went through. Each stone, each grain of sand, and each small Berber house tells a haunting story that’ll live you in beautiful awe. Our Signature Morocco tour guide will make sure to fill you in, and unfold every mystery.

Moroccan landscapes and ancient monuments.

We will take you to the depths of Morocco and the desert. Our Morocco holidays are wholesome and we’ve got Morocco tours fit for everyone. Whether you’re a lone wolf who likes the company of themselves, or a family man who believes that authentic fun is spent with those you love, Signature Morocco has got you covered. Everyone and we mean everyone, will have a splendid time touring the desert and exploring Morocco’s magical features.

Signature Morocco caters to everyone, no matter their preferred style of traveling, or which Moroccan landscapes they’d like to see. We’re sure that you’ll find what you’ll like. And if you don’t, we’ll make one for you.

Make your Morocco tours from scratch, and visit the things you admire the most. We’ll help you plan the trip of a lifetime, and we know it’s going to be one, because it will be tailor-made, just for you. We try our best, but sometimes, the guest wants what the guest wants and we simply cannot disagree with that.

Book your dream journey now, and let us share the same passion that we have inherited from our ancestors.