Morocco desert, a captivating race venue.

If there’s one thing we’re fond of; it’s Morocco desert. This magical place makes us appreciate our country more. And as it seems, other countries definitely agree with us. Apart from the Rallye des Gazelles – which has been a complete success since it first took place – cyclists have tackled the Moroccan desert.

This year, the race is starting on the 28’th of April and ends on the 3’rd of May. That’s six days of cycling up and down the ravines of the Atlas Mountain range in Northern Morocco.

Riding a bike through a patch of sand is tough enough. So, how do you think racing in elevation, and for hundreds of miles, amidst the desert feels like?

For those who do not do cycling, this sounds like a nightmare. But for Gae Titan Desert champions, that’s an opportunity to take over the desert. The Moroccan desert, obviously, provides a spectacular backdrop to an astonishing off-road adventure.

A race through natural wonders in Morocco desert.

First, the riders will be taken up along high-mountain peaks, then will cross spectacular gorges. Also, explore one of Morocco desert’s most astonishing sites. A total of 640-km; making up the route with 3 big passes over the dunes, over the first few days. And of course, a fit stage for a mountain pass.

Josep Betalú came in first place; in the 2018 event. Josep earned his third straight title. His finish time was 24 hours, two minutes and 21 seconds. Spain seems to love bringing back trophies back home. His fellow Spaniard, Ramona Gabriel, finished the race in 28 hours, 33 minutes, and two seconds.

What’s amazing about this race; apart from the series of tremendously heavy challenges these riders have to go through, is the location. Not only does it provide them with a rugged land for them to compete on, but it also offers spectacular scenery that boosts everyone’s dedication.

Signature Morocco gathers its staff each year, for a get-together. We sit around and watch the Tour de France meet the Dakar Rally. Much like the riders, with us, you’ll also have a memorable time in the desert; minus the fact of having to cycle for 16 hours a day.