Hello and welcome to Signature Morocco. We’d like to take this opportunity to state two amazing facts about Morocco: 1) Traditionally the liver, not the heart, is considered to be the symbol of love in Morocco. 2) Signature Morocco is the ultimate Morocco tours operator to keep you company.

Once you book one of our Morocco tours, you’ll soon discover that being a licensed and bonded tour operator has its advantages. It can get extremely dangerous and counterproductive. While touring with an unlicensed Morocco tour operator. Unfortunately, there isn’t a particular way in which you can determine a Morocco tour operator to be legal or not. However, these less than legitimate companies tend to not have any physical offices. And that plays a huge part in the tour’s management and keeping it on track.

Our guests – not clients – are the fountain of success to Signature Morocco. An so, as the director of Signature Morocco, I feel that it is within my responsibilities to raise awareness regarding this issue. And to also warn you about not falling cheap; when it comes to a 5-10 euros difference. Of course, by not paying taxes, and not setting a budget aside for a physical office, and competent customer support; illegal businesses wouldn’t think twice about cutting the price and making a big deal out of it on TripAdvisor.

Enough about why you shouldn’t book a Morocco tour, more on why you should.

Our Morocco desert tours will cleanse your soul. The Morocco shore excursions are just breathtaking. I have carefully assembled a team of hard-working individuals. They have kept Signature Morocco running for all these years. And I am forever grateful for their attitude and their kind souls.

Whether private or shared; Signature Morocco is the whole package. With our knowledgeable tour guides and experienced drivers, Signature Morocco is ensuring you complete Moroccan satisfaction. You’ll delight in amazing food. As well as visit mysterious monuments, and trek your way through the vast majestic desert. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Additionally, our thrilling Morocco shore excursions will leave you in beautiful awe.

Once again, our liver – not heart – functions on Moroccan breeze. Book your Morocco tours from a fully licensed and professional, Morocco-loving tour company. Let us guide you through an unforgettable experience. Live as one of us Moroccan; for as long as you’re with us.